Senior Regional HR Manager (Islamabad)

Senior Regional HR Manager (Islamabad)

  June 17, 2021   

Senior Regional HR Manager (Islamabad)

June 24, 2022
Regional Office, Islamabad
Job Type
Northwest Office
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Job Responsibilities:

The Regional HR Manager will be responsible for ensuring implementation and alignment of HR management strategy, which broadly falls under the following 7 main Key Result Areas:

Quality of Principals

  • To continuously research and develop area wise and cluster wise outreach plans for Principals hiring and to ensure strong implementation and tracking through consistently conducting local outreach activities in liaison with area teams
  • To ensure the hiring of good quality Principals across the region by tracking Principal vacancies and managing the timely conduct of Assessment Centres in liaison with Area Teams. In addition, participating in some of the Principal panel interviews where required
  • To keep a track of localizable locations and ensure local hiring of principals through strong local outreach
  • To manage the administrative activities associated with the conduct of the Assessment Centres i.e. processing of hiring budget, updating and ensuring quality of hiring data, processing hiring paperwork etc
  • To ensure clear quality Principal hiring improvement strategies are identified using Principal selection dashboards [shared by HO HR] bi-annually as the main performance indicator tool for the Region
  • To support AEMs in scheduling job shadowing sessions as per the laid out SOP for newly inducted Principals and perform rigorous follow up to ensure timely implementation.
  • To ensure newly inducted Principals go through the laid out confirmation process and ensure regular follow up to ensure Principals are timely confirmed in the Region
  • To lead the Principals' appraisal process by ensuring smooth conduct of the process, including organizing and moderating debrief sessions, facilitating Region leadership team for the conduct and timely completion of appraisal process.
  • To support Area Teams in conducting performance feedback conversations in the given timelines as per the guidelines and intervene in sensitive cases where required.
  • To develop PIPs for the principals in liaison with the REMs as per the given guidelines by HO HR and track the timely implementation and completion of the review meetings and PIP process by the Area teams.
  • To ensure all Principals are given clear targets in a timely manner through Area and Region Teams, ensure compliance of targets against the guidelines and manage the automation of Principal targets onto SMS
  • To serve as the front face of HR, being available to guide Principals on HR matters through Principal meetings, one-on-one meetings or school visits. In addition, serve as a consistent coach to guide Principals on HR matters
  • To conduct HR related training sessions for Principals at Principals' Academy sessions, PRESET and Principals' meetings.

Quality of Teachers

  • To periodically review and monitor the school statuses [i.e. Localized, Localizable, Still to be Studied, Non-Localizable] reports. In addition, to ensure accuracy and quality of information being provided by the Area Teams following the study of school status determination as per laid out SOP
  • To ensure Principals are sufficiently equipped/trained to carry out independent outreach for quality local Teachers and conduct teacher hiring process as per the guidelines
  • To monitor compliance to the teacher hiring process across areas, and track local hiring in localizable locations, induction scores and localization levels; and keep the region leadership informed for them to take the relevant action.
  • To ensure timely collection of data from schools through Areas  for core communication print including Nardbaan, Bazm-e-TCF and all Faculty awards so that all awards can be timely processed before the Teacher award ceremonies
  • To lead the physical distribution, line up coordination and ushering of faculty and non-faculty awards at region award ceremonies.
  • To liaise with AEMs to identify potential successors across the Areas (Teacher to Senior Teacher, Teacher to Principal, Teacher to Academic Coordinator, Senior Teacher to Principal)
  • To review the recommendation for Senior Teachers and ensure its compliance with process guidelines for selection.
  • To play a key role in controlling attrition in the region, understand reasons for leaving in high attrition locations, develop attrition control action plan in liaison with the Area teams, provide feedback and propose possible solutions, and ensure strong implementation of the faculty attrition action plan.

Quality of Regional Management

  • To support in conducting outreach activities for various Regional positions especially Area Team positions across the Areas
  • To plan and facilitate the orientation of all newly hired employees within one month of their joining by following the onboarding program designed by HO HR and seek feedback on onboarding experience from the new joiners.
  • To support implementation of the AEM capacity building programme through serving as a liaison for HO HR and seeking feedback on improvement areas related to the effectiveness of the programme
  • To ensure smooth facilitation and conduct of Annual performance appraisal for all Regional staff in consultation with HO HR including management of bell curve at the Region level and wrap up/completion of appraisal paperwork/online forms
  • To reinforce and ensure performance feedback conversations have taken place for all Regional staff with their respective line mangers and liaise with HO HR to intervene in sensitive cases where required
  • To play a key strategic business partner role in change management, understand existing roles and capabilities within the region and recommend / suggest changes if required.

Operational Excellence

  • To ensure clear understanding and effective implementation of policies and processes across the Region through training and counselling on policies, if required.
  • To ensure timely collection, verification and dispatching of employee documentation to HO HR for all the processes which are not automated; and ensure correct policy & SOP implementation.
  • To ensure proper record keeping and maintenance of HR Regional record including management, faculty and non-faculty.
  • To ensure the implementation of all the transactions which have been automated and need to be processed through APP with the support of SOPs.
  • To ensure clear Regional improvement strategies are identified using operations dashboards (shared by HO HR) as the main performance indicator tool for Region to ensure timely implementation of HR processes.
  • To support in the capacity building of Area Teams and Principals to perform the transactions as the processes get automated and serve as a liaison between HO HR and Principals for problem resolution and error reporting.
  • To play a key role in the deployment of systems and processes through Region and Area Teams and being proactive in problem identification.
  • To monitor HR performance indicators using data analysis reports and dashboards (i.e. Attrition, Operations etc) and devise improvement strategies for the region in HR related matters.

Good Governance

  • To manage Region HR budget
  • To be open and accessible to the Region employees, Faculty and Non Faculty to serve as a coach, mentor and counsel to employees at all levels
  • To inform and advise HO HR immediately of any emerging grievance or legal issues across the region to ensure timely action
  • To facilitate HO HR for timely investigation and resolution of employee concerns ranging from quality, safety and people issues
  • To maintain a list of local lawyers to seek support in getting legal opinions and serve as a liaison between HO HR and local lawyers to resolve legal matters.
  • To serve as a regional matter expert for HR processes and policies. Recommend new approaches, policies and procedures based around on ground research and feedback

Organization Oversight

  • To serve as eyes and ears for HO HR in terms of accurate implementation of office and schools' policies and suggest corrections at the region level.
  • To partake in special projects including research based projects or activities assigned by HO HR
  • To conduct at least 5 monthly schools visits to observe compliance and implementation of HR policies.

Relationship Management

  • To serve as a liaison between HO HR and Region Team on Regional Management HR matters, through seeking general feedback on HR related design projects (i.e. Communication, rewards, capacity building programme etc)  and maintaining relationships with RM, REM, Area teams and Principals through Principals' meetings, one-on-one interactions and schools visits.
  • To focus on personal development and learning through research, reading etc.

Required Skills

good attention to detail

  • Strong problem solver
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Ability to lead and navigate



Masters or Graduate (preferably in HRM) from an accredited Institution.


6+ years of work experience.

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